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In the month of October of 1989 Bhaktisadhak Sagar Maharaj came to this holy place of Muragacha Peyarabagan near Sodepur in the northern outskirts of Kolkata, and decided to start an orphan home for the destitute and helpless female children of the poor vicinity. Influenced by the original ideals of Gaudiya Math, Mayapur (near Kolkata) and empowered by the blessings of his Swamiji Madhav Goswami Maharaj, he established SREE GAURANGA GAUDIYA MISSION SEVASHRAM. He started all by himself, it was slow and help was hard to come by. But subsequently he got assistance from his disciples and followers and with God’s grace was successful in organizing this ashram.

Today the Ashram has its own two-storey building including the Holy Temple of Lord Gouranga and a school building with five class rooms accommodating 220 plus students. The Ashram is also the home for 25 female children. The holy journey of SagarMaharaj ended, and he breathed his last in the month of September, 2011.

Presently Sharmila Devi Dasi, disciple of SagarMaharaj and veteran care taker of the orphan home & the Ashram, has taken over the holy charge of running the institution. She has dedicated her heart and soul in the development of the Ashram. She especially emphasizes on development needs of these under privileged children, who consider this Ashram their home, and the primary education provided by the School.


The great purpose of establishing this sevashram by our Guru Maharaj clearly manifests the holy mission of our sevashram. We are committed to provide shelter, a sense of security and belongingness of a family for helpless girl child and help them with basic education and training to become successful in life. While these children find motherly love from the elderly women in the Ashram and treat the Ashram as their home, the school provides the basic education they need. It is an accepted fact that Indian women need basic education to fight against superstitions and misbelieves and learn the basics of nutrition, child care and lead a healthy life style. That is why our Ashram school also provides education to the needy sections of the adjacent poor locality thereby empowering them for betterment of their future lives. We are committed to make them aware of safe and healthy living and create an environment to enrich the quality of community life. It is also our social responsibility to create a strong social fabric by institutionalizing the core values and encouraging team building, and innovation through empowerment. This will naturally lead to economic emancipation for young stars of today.


Our vision is to run a value driven organization with an improved and responsive generous people. We want to create training centers within the Ashram for reliance of the destitute girls to generate income. Our activities will revolve around overall development of the children, expand the school from primary level to secondary level and reach out to more and more under privileged children. In order to provide these children with a secured future we are stressing on the need to make this sevashram economically viable through different professional trainings. Presently we have started computer literacy programme and shortly we plan to start a sewing and home product manufacturing unit.

Our vision rests on emerging as dynamic organization focusing on strategic strengths seizing opportunities for generating and building upon past success enhancing scope of empowerment to the helpless and distressed in need.

Ms. Sarmila Debi Dasi
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